Shih Tzu Dances On Command

Cute dogs performing tricks are all around the internet nowadays. Owners, proud of their pets, capture their dogs’ intellect prowess to show off their cuteness in the internet. Shih tzu are smart dogs which can be easily trained upon positive reinforcement – using food. These little loves love to impress their owner, returning the favor for giving them some treats. They are lively, fun and full of energy especially when faced with some snacks. One of the many Shih Tzu which has the ability to perform exciting tricks is Fur Fur, a nine month old Shih Tzu whose video has already garnered 90,000 views in YouTube.

Fur Fur has undergone obedience training with his owner. He was asked to perform a few commands before he is allowed to munch on his meal. Fur Fur can sit, lie down, roll over, gluteus where he sits down on his hind just like a human – with impeccable balancing skills, and dancing where he hops around turning left and turning right. What was impressive with Fur Fur is his ability to stop himself eating when he was commanded to “Leave it!”. This is a trait a loyal and well trained dog has. Food is the number one motivation why dogs behave well with their owners and follow commands – because they depend on their owner for food. If a dog was able to stop himself from eating upon your command, you are a lucky owner. Besides having a pet that adds color to your life, you have a faithful comrade that had high confidence on you.

                It is not a requirement to teach your dog tricks; but being able to do so will bring you such fulfillment. This is also a good way to bond with your dog and get to know each other better. It is best to start training during puppy-hood and it must be done continuously because dogs have a tendency to forget the tricks as he grows old. Dogs are creatures which are rewarding to keep and have. They have the special ability to make our lives better, happier and funnier. Just in case you need a dose of charm today? Check out Fur Fur and his wonderfully cute antics