Shih Tzu Dances With Owner

Dogs love to shadow their owners. Since our dogs see us as their alpha and has a tendency to idolize us, whatever they do that pleases us they do more. This is the reason behind positive reinforcement. The treat we give them, together with our praises, hugs and kisses send them a signal of “You did the right thing” and “Keep doing it for more treats”. In some cases, some dogs even try to imitate their owner’s voice. This works the same way with parrots that has the special ability to reproduce our words. Even if theirs is not developed as that in parrots, dogs will still try their best to say “I love you”, “Mama” and “Hello” if reinforced by their owners repeatedly. Apart from sounds, dogs do best in shadowing tricks. If they see you jumping, they jump. If they see you turn around, they turn around too! And if you dance, they also prove that they have the right timing and skills for a boogie.

Meet Kiwi, a fluffy Shih Tzu who loves showing off his learned tricks – in his cute little green scarf. In a video showcasing his cute and funny antics, Kiwi will impress you with his sit, lay, speak, up, down, stay, jump, paw, kick, roll over, dance and merry go round tricks. He seems to be very happy performing for us as he is seen wagging his tail everytime his owner gives a command. Kiwi is reward a kibble after a series of tricks and some praising words from his owner– the positive reinforcements needed for an effective dog training. One thing to look for is Kiwi’s dancing prowess where he is not given a command but mere dancing movements of his owner. A clip that will surely flash a smile across your face, this video in which Kiwi stars as a dancer is a breather. Wit and charm rolled into one cute little Shih Tzu, that’s talented Mr. Kiwi. Stressed? Bored? Sad? Take a quick adventure into Kiwi’s amusing and adorable film. You’ll definitely have a good time and enjoy.