My Shih Tzu in a dogfight! Help!

Dogfights are scary occurrences usually encountered by owners during walks outside their dogs’ territory. Although Shih Tzu are gentle looking creatures, they may also get involved in a dogfight. Having a Shih Tzu in a dogfight is an alarming situation because these dogs are small and is usually the underdog in fights. They can get killed when attacked by a large breed dog that’s why it is important to condition your Shih Tzu to behave and act composed in the presence of other dogs – no matter how aggressive other dogs are.


When your Shih Tzu is being attacked by another dog, first thing to do is pull the leash away – farthest from the other dog and his owner. It is suggested to put your Shih Tzu in a body harness than a collar because it is easier to maneuver dogs with this type of restraint. You can splash water or vinegar on the fighting dogs to distract them and move them far away from each other. Should there be biting involved and one dog’s teeth is literally on your pet’s skin, you can try pulling the other dog’s tail and hindlegs to pull them apart BUT MAKE SURE to be cautious and instantly let go because the aggressive dog might decide to replace his fangs on you. Some try pepper spray or citronella spray to stop fighting dogs but it is not always recommended because there are cases where the dogs become more irritated with sprays that they become more difficult to handle. Alpha dogs don’t necessarily start fights. The middle ranking ones are more prone to be aggressive because they are insecure and would try to assert their dominance. There are also dogs which get aggressive when they see their owner get scared by other dogs. If you are not comfortable with another dog in the park, just move away. Do not provoke a dogfight between your Shih Tzu and another dog by showing fear of other dogs. Dogfights are one of the main reasons why training your pup during the critical behavioral stage (two to four and a half months old) is very important. Having the ability to control a dog with your commands and his loyalty will avoid you any troubles and dogfighting dangers in the future.