Shih Tzu Hairstyles

Modish hairstyles for transforming your Shih Tzu into a princely companion

Watching your Shih Tzu puppy grow into a cute adult could be fun if you can add some scintillating hair styles to it. This breed of dog is known to grow thick furs of hair over time. When left unmanaged, they could also lead to health and hygiene issues. Hence it is suggested that you get your dog’s hair style cut into manageable and beautifying styles. Here are some of the most modish styles.


If you happen to live in hot and humid climate, this is the best suited hairstyle for your dog. It requires trimming of complete body hair to 1 or two inches. You can maintain the hair with regular brushing in order to avoid developing knots. This style is also called as puppy-cut. Some of the benefits of this style are

  • It avoids excess of body heat.
  • It is easy to maintain. Washing, drying and cleaning becomes easy for you.

grumpyfaceModish Top-Knot cut

While trimming the body hair, the top portion near its summit-head is neatly combed and gathered into a fashionable style. You can lock this portion up with a clip. Now go ahead and get the rest of body hair trimmed according to your choice. This style is best suited if you are planning to take your Shih Tzu into parties. This style has benefits like

  • You can proudly show off your pet in parties
  • It is modish, yet reasonably maintainable

Show-Cut with Top Knot

This style is preferred if you like to make a model out of your Shih Tzu. Long and free-flowing hair at the body-front with a Top-knot, neatly bound by a hair-ribbon can make your dog win competitive dog-shows as well. Gently trim the hind-body portion to an extent of 2-3 inches. It has benefits like:

  • It keeps your pet warm during winter
  • It can win prizes in dog-shows and fashion-parades etc. 


This style is preferred by kids, who want their pets to appear like smart teddy-bears in their showcases. It has benefits like:

  • The fluffy/rounded face makes your puppy adorable by your children. They tend to get friendly with it, rather than trying to keep away.
  • It gives a stylish look, while making maintenance simple.

Whatever hairstyles you choose for your Shih Tzu, make sure that s/he is comfortable in it. You will be able to see its level of comfort from its behavior.