Shih Tzu Names

Naming a dog entails research and a long list of choices. It may range from a name of a famous person such as Vitoria, Charles or Henry to a name of a yummy food such as Cookie, Cupcake or Smores. There is a wide selection to choose from! Better if you share the exploration with your friends and family to make sure that you find the perfect name. Here are some tips to keep in mind when choosing a name for your pooch.

Dogs only recognize the first syllable in their names. If your pet’s name is Gingersnap, she only hears “Ginge” and will react to it. So if ever you say Gingersnap or just “Ginge”, the same pet will respond. Knowing this, do not name your dogs with the same first syllable such as Alexandrea or Alexander. This will confuse them. Moreover, if someone in the house has the same first syllable in his or her name, it will lead to more confusion. It is best to use different first syllables for different dogs or humans.

Two syllable names are the most common because this they are easy to pronounce during training. Your commands will have a more powerful tone if you assert them with your dogs’ name; for example, “Bonnie, sit!” It is also better to choose a name that will not get left behind in time. It is better not to name your dog with present cartoon characters or TV show character names that may not be recognized eight to ten years from now. You wouldn’t want shouting a weird sounding name (such as characters from Star Trek) in the time of Guardians in the Galaxy era. The most important thing to check is your love for the name. You will be saying this name a lot of times during your dog’s life with you and although it may sound insignificant, it will matter. It must be something that you are proud to say in front of a lot of people of different ages and will not get you embarrassed for any other reason.

Choosing a name for your Shih Tzu is one of the fulfilling duties of a pet owner. Make the most out of this time and enjoy every single moment of it.