Shih Tzu Plays Soccer

Soccer is innate in Brazilians. When we hear the word soccer and Brazil, both seem to go pretty well with each other. It is not only humans which have a talent in soccer. Even dogs can play sports too! Actually, given their steady legs and light weights, they can play ball quite well. This can be one of the bonding sessions you can have with your dog. A Shih Tzu from Brazil proves that dogs are not only for cuddles and house guardians; they can also be a part of your outdoor games – such as soccer.

In this video, this long haired Shih Tzu is seen playing ball with his owner. Even if the ball is twice the size of his head, this little pooch seems to be an expert in carrying it. He can hold the ball – which is quite heavy and bulky for a Shih Tzu, as he runs along and away from his owner. Apart from soccer ball clutching, he also loves chasing the ball with his owner as his owner runs and play soccer with it. Seems like he can play defense competently, right? If given further training, this dog will surely make it to the world cup. Don’t you agree?
This Shih Tzu looks so beautiful as he runs and plays ball with his long mane that bounces along with his body. Long haired breeds such as this one need grooming and bathing especially after outdoor play. The hair can easily form into mats if not brushed and cleaned from dirt and moisture. If you plan to have a sport session with your Shih Tzu and continuously train him, it is best to trim the hair short and put hair on the head into a top knot to prevent it from blocking the dog’s sight. Moreover, Shih Tzu need only a few minute of exercise daily – around 10-15 minutes of walk. Just make sure not to over exercise your Shih Tzu as this breed doesn’t do well in regulating their body temperatures. They are mainly toy breeds and not sporting dogs. However, soccer can be a good exercise for them. Just be careful of not overworking them.