Shih Tzu Puppies: First Bath

One of the most anticipated times when taking care of newborn puppies is when the day comes when they will have their first bath. This is a very delicate situation and any pet owner must be mindful of all the steps and procedures to be done. Just like human babies, puppies, especially during their first bath have some special needs.

In this video, these five furballs just had their first bath and as you will see, everything seemed really well. In fact, these cuties are in a hurry to play and have some bonding moments with their mom and dad. It is such a joy to watch these fluffy dolls wag their tails and jump up and down after a session of scrubbing and cleaning.

Most dogs get scared of the water and even going to the bathroom alone. That’s why it is important to allow your pup to get used to bathing at an early age. If the pups are living with their mom, you can delay first bathe at around 6-8 weeks old. But if they get dirty from their poop, playing on the soil and for any other reason that moist towel is not enough, then you can bathe them as early as 3-4 weeks old.

When bathing puppies, place them on a bathroom mat to prevent slipping and accidents. Some owners prefer bathing Shih Tzu pups in the kitchen sink rather than the bathroom since these dogs are tiny and easier to control. Upon bathing, make sure that the room is warm and warm water will be used. Younger animals do not have the subcutaneous fat and adipose to help them sustain longer periods of cold and thus, can easily contact respiratory infections. After bathing, make sure to dry them off and do not let them wander damp around the house. You can place them in a pen with some rags and padding; and just allow them to play around just like the Shih Tzu pups in this video.

As the owner, you should enjoy every single minute of your puppy’s bathing time. This is a good bonding moment between you and your dog. Practice as early as possible so you won’t have a hard time when he or she is already an adult. Shih Tzu are long haired dogs and making sure that your pet is adjusted to bathing is one less thing you will worry about.