Shih Tzu Puppies First Day of Training

The best age to start training your dogs is during puppyhood. They may be a bit more energetic and active during this time that may require a bigger amount of patience from you; but once they get used to the routine commands, you’ll be surprised how quickly they retain the information. Older dogs can also be trained; but it will always be more fun doing the training with the cuter version, right?
Shih Tzu puppies only want thing in their life: to play, to play and to play. These furballs love humans and would do anything to get our attention.

This is the same for these two siblings named Shakira and Piper. They are eight weeks old puppies who are just starting to explore the world around them. As you will see in this clip, it is never too early to start training because these babies can actually follow simple commands with the aid of positive reinforcement. Actually, puppies only understand the smell of the treat and eventually associate the voice or verbal command with it through time. As for Shakira and Piper, who are trained without voice cues, they are being trained using the ‘lure’ technique. In the lure, the treat is used to “lure” the animal towards the direction of the behavior that needs to be learned. For example, when Shakira is being taught to sit, the treat was moved towards the floor. For as long as Shakira doesn’t sit, the treat is not given to her. This is the same for lying down and rolling over. As for Piper, he is more for playing than training so it might take a little more time and patience before he will be able to turn on his kibble training mode. Nevertheless, both of them will eventually learn all the tricks. Positive reinforcement never fails for dogs since food is their primary motivation and can be used to control them. If ever you are planning to train your young babies, do not fret. Enjoy the process because your encouraging demeanor can be felt by dogs and will help a lot in enforcing the tricks on them. Remember that there is no difficulty in something you enjoy doing – and this works the same for our furry loves!