Shih Tzu Puppy Cut – Cool and Comfortable

Unless you wish to prepare your Shih Tzu to some sort of fashion-parade or a stylish dog show, it is preferable to get her a Shih Tzu puppy cut. This will not only keep her cool, but also help in maintaining her body temperature during summer times. Normally this breed of dog can not withstand high temperatures. Some recommendations also suggest keeping it more as an indoor pet because of this reason. However, when you choose to get her the puppy or summer cut, you can afford to take her out during morning and evening hours without any hesitation. This will also ease your task of brushing, bathing and cleaning her regularly, besides avoiding any potential skin allergies and irritations to her.


shih tzu puppy cut

You can either choose to take her to a professional groomer for getting the puppy-cut or do it yourself. If you wish to do it yourself, here are certain simple tips which could ease your task to some extent.

  1. Train your puppy to accept grooming naturally. It may take some time initially. With a friendly approach you will be able to achieve it, if you start out early.
  2. Select a place which is comfortable for your puppy as well as you. A waist-high table to seat your pet and a knee-high chair to seat yourself in your garden could be suitable.
  3. Brush her coat completely to the skin level. Make sure that you have removed the knots completely.
  4. Choose a standard clipping tool or rounded-clip-scissors, whichever she is comfortable with.
  5. Start clipping from her upper body portion. You can start from her eyes and ears. If she feels uncomfortable, give her a break to relax.
  6. As you proceed down, be very gentle with her sensitive parts. Once this task is complete, you can now switch over to her outer-coat of hair. You can change the clipper-blade to #2 (see manual) for completely sheering the back and rest of body portions.
  7. It is recommended that your clipping be done in the direction of hair-growth. This will avoid any sort of pain or irritation to her.
  8. Once you are through, repeat the process and trim hair from any left-over places.
  9. Now you may shampoo her and bathe her completely. After drying her completely with a clean and dry cloth, you can massage her body with Coconut oil gently. This will also help in keeping her natural oil coat.