Pink Ribbon Sadey Has Learned Tricks

In this video you can see a lovely Shih Tzu named Sadey doing a bunch of dog tricks! Sady is a 3 year old Shih Tzu with incredibly long eye lashes. She has really cute pink ribbons in her hair and seems to be really enjoying herself doing all of the dog tricks. When the owner says “Sadey, Speak” Sadey starts barking and gets a treat for doing the trick. Next, follow commands “sit” and “turn”, which Sadey performs flawlessly. She gets yet another treat now for being such a good girl.

Next, Sadey is asked to sit again and give a high five, which she promptly does. Next, she is asked to shake her owner’s hand, which she also does very quickly and at this point gets yet another treat. Next comes the “Down!” command, which Sadey hesitates to do, but does obey eventually after 3 attempts. Afterwards, Sadey is asked to roll, which she does right away for which she gets another treat. Next, she is asked to turn and gets a treat for doing so. Next come the commands “Sit!”, “Down!” and “Sit!” again, and then after the owner speaks “Down!” he pretends to shoot Sadey with his fingers, at which point Sadey plays dead. Of course after such a traumatic trick Sadey gets yet another treat. Next comes another “Sit!” command, after which Sadey is asked “Who is your daddy?”. Of course Sadey knows who her daddy is and how is giving her all the treat, so she barks promptly.

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What kind of tricks can your Shih Tzu do?