Abby says “Mama!”

Dogs bark and humans talk. That’s just the way life is. It is a universal fact no person in the right mind can ever doubt on. Canines and humans are made this way and nature intended it to stay the same. But then again, there are still exceptions to the rules. Birds chirp and fly, while we humans talk and run – but why do we have talking parrots? And why do we have dogs such as Abby who has the ability to talk? These are part of the co existence and domestication that eventually “revised” the abilities of animals. Abby, specifically captured on this video was able to imitate his owner’s words and after a few adorable tries managed to blurt out a sleepy version of the word “Mama”. Dogs have vocal cords that enable them to make sounds such as whining and barking; however, these organs are not as developed as that in us humans and in some talking bird species. Dogs have a special ability of mimicry where they mirror what they see in their owner. When their owner is scared they also feel anxious and uncomfortable. When the owner is happy and delighted, they would run around as they jump up and down. These species love attention and they crave confirmation – which we humans, in turn also love to give to them; and such behavior encourages them even more to copy us.
This is what basically happened with cute little Abby. She may not be trained in speaking or imitating human voice, but due to the consistency – which is a vital component of dog training, Abby was able to process the vocal information and successfully copied it. Though it sounded like a sleepy person’s saying of “Mama”, Abby was still incredibly cute while saying her special word. Moreover, Shih Tzu are one of the major breeds which are good at imitating their owners. Trained or not, this breed has a personality of copying what their owners is doing and feeling. Since Abby is a Shih Tzu, it was clearly seen in this clip this exceptional and amusing talent Shih Tzu have.
Watch and enjoy this video! Abby will surely show you how fun your life can be with a Shih Tzu around.