Shih Tzu Scouting Her Christmas Gift

The holiday fever is out again and Christmas is coming. This is the season where we all get jolly and happy as we spend the time with our family, friends and loved ones – including our furry loves. Another highlight of get together is of course, the exchange of gifts. And as for us pet lovers, we will never forget to get something our pets. May it be just a bone, a box of treats or a can of dogfood, they will surely have a place under the Christmas tree.

This is the same situation inside this household that houses a Shih Tzu named Sash. The Christmas spirit is in and the gifts are all nestled under the pine tree. It is a day before Christmas and everyone is excited to welcome this very special occasion topped with presents, sumptuous food and merry making. But the most thrilled of all is Sash! Since the gifts are just recently wrapped and arranged by the owner, and Sash already knows which one is hers. You may try to wrap your presents for your pets; but remember that these animals are canines – well equipped with a powerful sense of smell. Shih Tzu may not be hounds and tracking dogs; but they have the ability to trail the scent of food – especially when it is their favorite treat. You can cover the treat with layers of gift wrapping paper; but that’s to no avail when it comes to a hungry and expecting Shih Tzu like Sash. This dog knows there is something for her and since patience is never in a Shih Tzu’s nature, Sash is already standing by the Christmas tree and barking to tell her owner to give her her present. She may not know when is Christmas and what is it for, but she is surely looking forward to what she will receive on this special day. Watch the video and see how persistent this impatient Shih Tzu on convincing everyone that she already wants her gift. So a piece of advice to Shih Tzu owners out there who are planning a present for your furbabies: simply give your gift to your pet at midnight. He or she will not give importance to the wrapping – because all he cares about is the yummy snack underneath it. And that’s just the way dogs are.