A Shih Tzu and A Squeaky Toy

If there is one perfect definition for Shih Tzu, it might probably be this: “a little kid stuck inside a furry dog’s body”. The level of energy this breed has – whether it be a puppy or not, is not what you would expect from a dog commonly known as a house dog. Domesticated dogs – especially the toy breeds are expected to behave and just simply sleep most of the time. However, for the Shih Tzu, things are not always the case. They can be full of fun and vigor when they are in the mood. And the special thing in them is that they don’t stop until they are already depleted of energy. They will play no matter what. Just like little miss Lacey over here with her favorite toy, Mr. Elf.

Lacey is having a cool and amusing afternoon with Mr. Elf and her owner. Wearing her pink bow which looks totally cute on her, Lacey keeps on munching down on Mr. Elf and she seems have no plans of stopping. Gladly, Mr. Elf is accommodating and not complaining. Lacey’s favoritism on Mr. Elf seems to be coming from the squeaky sound the toy makes and this reinforces the dog’s fascination towards the toy. Dog do get bored and giving them squeaky toys can cure their loneliness. However, it is not suggested to leave these types of toys with your pooches in the cage or unattended for a long time. For one, you pet can easily get used to the toy and simply won’t use it. It is better to allow him to play with it for an hour or so, then remove it and give it again the following day for the same duration. In this way, you are stimulating the excitement of your dog and making then most out of the toy you bought. The other reason is because these toys are breakable when a dog will keep on digging its fangs on them. They may ingest the strands of cloth or parts of the toy that may lodge in their esophagus and trachea – which can be very dangerous.