A Shih Tzu With Music Potential

Shih Tzu are very playful dogs. They are full of energy and big personalities that will never bore you. Life is always exciting, fun and adorable when you have a fluffy Shih Tzu around. They also work well with other pets in the house because they are naturally friendly and unassuming. Once you get to give them a tummy rub or a little treat, you sure will be bestfriends – just like little Snax and this Rottweiler. These two are having a chillin doggy afternoon on the carpet where Snax seems to be enjoying playing an instrument.

Dogs and music mix and you will get surprised how much different sounds can be music to their ear. They get motivated when they hear tinkling sounds and just like us, enjoy some simple hums every now and then. In this funny clip, Snax is seen trying to hit the Rott’s collar bell again and again because he is simply having so much fun out of it. The big black dog’s reaction is even more adorable as he lets the Shih Tzu play with his collar and not making a big deal out it. He even tried to play bite with Snax who, in the other hand is getting every joy in it. Shih Tzu are attention grabbing furballs and they are willing to do anything just to get noticed. Snax may be trying to get the Rott’s attention to play or he simply wants to make some music and entertain everybody. Though it may look like Snax is giving the giant a massage, he is actually soliciting play. This is the thing with Shih Tzu. They are small pooches jampacked with liveliness especially when they are in the mood for a play-time afternoon just like Snax. They may have some quiet time at night or when you cozy on the couch with them; but once their attention button is on, be prepared. They will go the extra mile just to have fun. The may tug your clothse, jump up and down, roll over and chase their tail just to tell you that they want to play. No wonder these dogs will truly double the fun in their owners – and even co-dogs lives.