Shih Tzu’s “Give Me Food!” Face

Food is truly the ultimate motivation of dogs. Whatever you want them to do they will perform – all for a kibble or a small treat. They may not be as gluttonous as the sloth; but canines are surely animals with good appetites. Their powerful smell helps them in identifying sources of aromatic and yummy food, a quality that dog trainers take advantage of. However, for some hungry dogs, their cute little faces are enough for their owner’s heart to melt and give them their delicious treats.

And one of the furballs that are totally nailing the pleading puppy look is Coco here. Obviously, this dog has a rumbling stomach and she knows that food is just around the corner. Her owner has a clear idea what’s going next for her pretty pet so she decided to grab a camera and record what will happen. True enough, an adorable act has commenced brought about by Coco. This little dog has placed her head on her owner’s lap, rolled her head and opened her eyes wide. If you think Puss n’ Boots is overly stuffed with cuteness on his wide eye look in Shrek; well, Coco can prove you that she is up to the cuteness challenge in this video. A she places her paws on her face – possibly reaching out to the treat, Coco has no idea that this antic of hers has doubled her charm both on her owner and on us. This is a clear example of how sincere dogs can be and how adorable they look when they are being honest – which us humans, find it hard to do sometimes.

Just in case you are thinking of getting a Shih Tzu and you have a soft heart for these puppy dog looks, well, better think twice as you might end up getting your puppy obese. Spoiling dogs are never suggested since this usually leads to health issues due to being overweight such as hormonal, cardiovascular and musculoskeletal problems. Giving your pet rewards is good especially when you training them; however, if you are giving in to every whim of your pet, you are creating future problems that might manifest early during middle to early senior years.