Skittles’ Wacky Antics

Aside from being wonderful companions, dogs are truly one big ball of fun. To have a pet around makes life more amusing and entertaining. We may be far different with them physically, but it is such an ease that we feel endeared to them not only because they possess a big dose of cuteness but they also know how to combine this with charm. This is one fun video about a Shih Tzu named Skittles. Skittles seem to be doing something his owner doesn’t understand. It is not quite clear what Skittles is trying to say with his cute antics and behavior captured on this video; however, one thing is for sure, this will put you in a giggle.
It is quite uncommon for owners to see odd behavior on their dog. These may be actions that dogs don’t normally do or they seem to be done without an obvious purpose. Even though there are times when our dogs do something we barely understand, we have to realize that the only communication facet for them is actions and body language. We don’t bark, whine and whimper; and they don’t shout, scream and talk. If you observe any peculiar – even funny behavior, try to understand what your dog is telling you. Skittles in this clip is obviously trying to communicate something. This may not be an immediate need that requires immediate attention, but he is clearly sending a message. He may be hungry, bored, wants to have a walk in the park, or simply telling his owner to continue playing with him. Whatever is the real case, Skittles is doing it very funny. He seems to be playing with his jaw and biting the air as if there is a big juicy hamburger waiting to give him a sample munch.
This is just one of the thousands of videos where a wacky dog behavior is captured on camera. Try to check it out. Skittles’ furry face as he shows his wacky antics will surely make you love him. A simple video that’s worth the watch – this will definitely bring you to high spirits.