Snax and the Christmas Aftermath

During Christmas eve, all the happenings happen – the sumptuous food, Christmas singing and caroling, chit chatting by the fire and of course, gift openings. But how about the morning after the celebration? This is the time where we see all the mess, trash, and clutter; though actually nobody cares about these things because the spirit of Christmas is made to linger up until we welcome the next year to come. This is a story of an adorable Shih Tzu named Snax who happens to just have been recently waken up from a good post Christmas evening snooze.

It is Christmas morning and everybody is still in dreamland and resting. Snax is one of the early ones who got up and was greeted good morning by his sweet owner. He actually woke up next to stacks of opened gifts, ripped Christmas wrappers and the newest addition to his boredom killers – his new fluffy hedgehog toy. Even if he is still feeling a bit lightheaded from sleep, he was able to grab onto his latest toy and played with it. It even looked more fun when the owner started to press onto the toy and a sound came out making Snax’ little head go from sleepy to curious. It is okay to give toys as gifts to our little furloves; however, you have to make sure that the materials these toys are made of are safe for animals. Most stuffed toys that are made for humans are not good to be given to dogs as the little hair and fluffs can cause obstruction on their esophagus and trachea. Dogs, especially puppies love to munch and play bite on any soft thing they see which usually leads to destruction in the house. This is the reason why the best toys to give dogs are teethers and digestible munchies that are a lot safer than human kid toys. Other than those, you can also give a can of beef dog food, a bag of kibbles or a new doggy bowl, collar or customized bed for your pet. Also, take caution in giving toys which are battery operated on dogs as the electricity can be dangerous and fatal to their salivating, playful mouths.