Sonny and His Colorful World

It is a myth that dogs do not see colors. They do; but their eyesight is not as bright and vibrant as ours. We have a higher number of rods and cones – the light sensitive and color sensitive parts of the retina, compared to dogs. But that doesn’t mean that these pooches have poor eyesight. Even if the color variation is not as obvious, these dogs have a pretty good vision especially at night. They can differentiate one color from the other, especially the one that lie far from each other in the color spectrum.

This is Sonny – a very smart Shih Tzu which has an affection to the different colors of the world. He is trained to identify the basic colors and he can even answer what color is the sun and the fire truck. Using his cute little paw, he touches the picture with the color that corresponds to the color word his owner is saying. Let this pooch amaze you with his color skills that will make you realize how special dogs are. They are more than just furry creatures that have the ability to love us and play with us. They are also animals that are highly smart, trainable and will continue to amaze you. Shih Tzu are not made to bore their owners – they are fun and very gentle dogs. Buddy may be one of the smartest Shih Tzu around, but you too can train your pooch in color identification. Just a little patience and some research, your Shih Tzu can go a long way from just being a cute bundle of fur in your home. Repetition is key. The dog will associate the word that you will say with the color on the post card. Everytime you say this word, the dog will put his paw on the corresponding post card that you would want him to point to. Just remember to award him with a few kibbles and treats to tell him he is doing the right thing. Your Shih Tzu will surely love that.