Sophie the Shih Tzu and Her Gifts

And now that it’s Christmas, it is time to open our gifts! They may have lingered for quite some time under the Christmas tree and we would always glance at our name written on the cards attached to them; but in a few more days, we would be able to see what lies underneath those colorful wrappers. Remember that gifts are more than just material things presented and given to us by people who matter to us. Presents are symbols of love and the celebration of that love that defines any relationship. And such includes the owner and pet dog relationship.

This is Sophie. Given the amount of gifts she received from her owners this Christmas, we can tell that she is truly loved. The Christmas spirit is all around her. She is wearing her red fluffy Christmas costume as she goes around the room to look for her presents. Once she figured out that a gift is for her, she would gladly rip off the wrapper and even if she is not equipped with human hands to take them all of in one strip, Sophie remains persistent in opening them up. A cute Shih Tzu in a Christmas outfit opening her gifts on Christmas eve – isn’t this enough to melt your heart? This video proves that having a Shih Tzu with such a personality truly makes a pet owner’s life happier and more colorful. Christmas will surely be twice as fun when you have a Sophie with you to celebrate with. Some say dogs don’t really appreciate gatherings and celebrations the way we do because they are basically not humans and do not feel the emotions that we feel. But Shih Tzu are very special creatures – they may not fully comprehend what Christmas means to us, but these furballs love attention and would do anything for that. If you show that you are happy with whatever they are doing – no matter how crazy they may look, they won’t mind how they feel about it for as long as they see you smiling and enjoying. Since Sophie has been acknowledged whenever she would rip something off even days before Christmas, she simply did the same on Christmas eve – to the delight of her owners. But since Christmas is for everyone’s happiness, Sophie also got a taste of the holiday spirit with her own set of surprises inside the boxes she opened, or more like, split open.