Squishy in a Cuteness Overload Video

There is no denying that Shih Tzu are cute creatures. Whatever they do, it seems that they always aim to melt our hearts and make our day better with their adorable antics and fluffy faces. They are truly a ball of charm and sweetness rolled into four legged hairy canines. But there is a smaller package Shih Tzu that is certainly doubled in the cuteness level department. This is known as the imperial or tea cup Shih Tzu.
An imperial or tea cup Shih Tzu is the same as any Shih Tzu in the world – only they are smaller in size. They are below the required weight for Shih tzu and they are a lot smaller. Some can even fit into your palm even if they are already 2 months old! Even if their weight do not fall into the American Kennel Club breed standards, they can still be registered. However, Imperial or Tea Cup Shih Tzu is not a separate breed from the common Shih Tzu. Even if they are being tagged as the Royal Bloodline of the Shih Tzu, this is not true because there is no such thing. They are special in their own little way but caution must be taken when handling this very little pup. Avoid rough play and leaving these pooches unattended because a simple fall and accident can be fatal. Also, make sure to give enough calcium and protein as they grow up. Squishy, the adorable pooch in this video is an imperial Shih Tzu – very small but very healthy. He is very active and very much of an attention lover just like a normal sized Shih Tzu. If you are not a fan of big sized dogs, and you still find normal Shih Tzu’s large for your lifestyle, then cute little Squishy is the one for you. If you are getting an Imperial Shih tzu, make sure that the pup has no anatomical defect, eats well and very healthy. Bring the pup as soon as possible to the veterinarian to be definite that your imperial is not harboring any musculoskeletal or hormonal problems that might be a problem in the future.