Starting Shih Tzu Breeding

The canine pet business is a big market. Eight out of ten households in one city normally have a four legged furry creature as a member of the family. There are a wide range of reasons and proof why dogs make really good pets and as if it is a need to have them in our lives. It may not be a requirement but surely, these canines make our lives so much more fun and exciting. And actually, one of the most common household dog pets is the Shih Tzu. Blame it on their cute furry faces, pleading eyes and charming personalities. These pooches really made and are continuously making a mark on the hearts of humans. Since they are an expanding population, it is good idea (if you are seriously considering) to start up a Shih Tzu breeding business. But before you plunge into the world of dog business, there are certain reminders you may need to keep in mind.

Shih Tzu Breeding

The fastest selling breed so far is the Shih Tzu and this means one thing. Your business prospect and market is promising. The first step is to check your space area. How many Shih Tzu would you be able to accommodate? Do you have the cages, cleaning materials and medical supplies for your breeders? Second, make sure to know so much about dogs – especially mating behavior, eating habits and what makes Shih Tzu different from other dogs. Being fully equipped with these information makes potential clients feel that you are trustworthy because you know what you are doing. Read pamphlets scan magazines, study researches and note down the current statistics and issues surrounding Shih Tzu and breeding them. Upon purchasing your breeding dogs, make sure to get directly from a reputable breeder and not just from pet shops and shelters. Remember you are supposedly to produce good quality puppies – with no genetic ailment, nutritional issues and anatomical defect. These can be eliminated when you get premium dogs which can only be confidently obtained from breeders. Once you got your pups or dogs, stock in the dog food. As they have said, for 10 heads, a 25 kilo dog food will last you a month. Do some recording (weight gains, behavioral problems, and medical and vaccination records) and notes about each and every member of your pack. This will help you monitor all of them and pin point if ever problems will arise. Make sure to see your vet regularly and update all the vaccinations and deworming protocols of your pets. Do not breed female Shih Tzu on their first heat – which can be observed at 6-8 months. It is better to breed them when they are over a year old and already on their second heat where their hormones are more stable and ovulation is more reliable. Avoid inbreeding to prevent appearance of recessive genes and traits – which are normally unfavorable. And lastly, do not underestimate the power of advertising. Even during gestation (60 days on the average), start spreading word that you have impending puppies and those who are interested may contact you for reservation. Just always be polite, honest and unassuming during negotiation. Who knows? You might reach sold out status in a blink of an eye.