Stylish, Elegant and Pompous Shih Tzu

When you opt for a Shih Tzu as your family’s close companion, you need to carefully consider its characteristics, behavioral pattern as well as temperament changes. Don’t worry; we are not trying to scare you away from owning one. Rather, we are trying to introduce you to certain finer aspects of your favorite pet, which could help you in striking cordial and long time relations with him or her.


pink bowsIf you expect your Shih Tzu to guard your home and property, herd your sheep, or work with a search & rescue team, you may be disappointed to know that it can’t perform any such tasks for you. On the other hand it can be a perfect watchdog, accompany your children on evening walks, play with your family members, entertain you, as well as act as a stylish model in a dog-show. Of course, s/he can guide your elders and children safely back home after their walk together.

Now let us look at your pet Shih Tzu’s expectations from you. Regardless of a female or male, s/he expects a friendly affectionate and caring environment. You don’t have to worry too much about providing too much of high-energy-infrastructure at your home. This makes her a favorite with children as well as the seniors in your home.


Shih Tzu are generally obedient and calm in nature. However s/he could be inflexible and demanding at times. For example, your child is trying to motivate her with a toy and s/he does not seem to budge. Observe carefully, s/he may not like the toy she is given. Now it could be a bit tricky to find what exactly s/he likes! This is where your intuitive thinking plays a big role!

S/he cooperates with your training sessions as long as they are short and interesting. Once you start stretching her beyond her interest levels, s/he may simply refuse to participate or run away! So it is recommended that you keep the training sessions to short intervals.


You shower your Shih Tzu with all the interesting toys you can find, feed her the most delicious and healthy food. Yet, you find that s/he is more attached with your children/parents than anyone else. Sometimes s/he seems to choose her friendly master on her will. If you spend more time with her, s/he will surely get attached you as well.


If you give her affection, love and care without any expectation you will be surprised to get plenty of the same in return, sometimes slowly but surely.