The Teddy Bear Cut For Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu is one of the few dog breeds which have hair as their coat, and not fur. The hair that they have is the same as that in humans in which they grow into straight strands. This is the reason why some say that this breed is high maintenance. Their hair needs daily brushing and constant grooming. If this is not done, mats easily form and usually lead to baldness and hotspots. If you have a Shih Tzu, one of the things to consider is the coat maintenance.

One of the cutest and most popular Shih Tzu cuts is the teddy bear or round face cut. This look has a lion face outcome that showcases the round eyes and gentle face of this breed. This cut maximizes the facial hair of the Shih Tzu and produces an clean and stuffed toy appearance. In this video, a very behaved Shih Tzu named Bella is used as model for a tutor on a session of the teddy bear cut. The first step was to clip the excessive hair on the noseline to allow the eyes to come out. This cut doesn’t make use of the famous topknot. Instead, the eyebrow hair are cut from the middle to the side and trimmed until the eyes are fully seen. The mustache area is also trimmed to lessen the messy and stained hair. The most important tool to help you achieve this look is the curved shearing scissors. Trim the edges of the hair around the side chins into a circular manner leading to the middle of the face. To further accentuate the fluffiness of the face, the undersides of the chin towards the neck are clipped short. Don’t forget to trim all the edges for a cleaner look and a more natural finish.

You may try this look for a change, especially now that a new year is about to come in. A new hairdo for your Shih Tzu is a good way to treat your pet for 2015. Just remember to make sure that your puppy is used to getting groomed. You wouldn’t want a wounded pet to welcome 2015, right?