Sophie The Tiniest Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu are probably the cutest things on the planet. With their furry faces and fluffy coats, matched with endearing and charming personalities that only want to put a smile on a human’s face, are truly what makes them stand out among the toy breeds. Another asset of Shih Tzu is their size. Standard adult usually weighs 8-16 pounds and stands at 7-11 inches. Their small frames allow their owners to carry them anywhere making them good companions.

But just like any other breed, the Shih Tzu also has a miniature version. Some people call them as teacup or imperial Shih Tzu; but actually it is the same Shih Tzu – only smaller. There is no known or registered sub-breed of the Shih Tzu. These smaller versions are simply Shih Tzu born very small. In this video, we meet Sophie. This little furball can fit inside a mug and seems very comfortable on it. With her pink ribbons and pearls, no one can deny the cuteness of this girl. Surely, there are loads of interested buyers who would want to take care of Sophie. This may be a short video that shows how adorable miniature Shih tzu are; but it is quite an experience when you see them in person. Just like Sophie, they look like dolls and not like dogs which may confuse you at first, especially when they are at a still. If you have an “imperial” Shih Tzu to take care of, make sure to see the vet regularly because these animals may require special medical attention. Small Shih Tzu are prone to fractures and hormonal problems that’s why it is important to monitor your little Shih Tzu as he grows up. These animals may be special when it comes to their size but they it is also the same case for their needs and maintenance. But actually, who cares? They’re as small as a pea but these Shih Tzu have a heart as big as the moon.