To Love Again: A Shih Tzu Story

Neglect and abandonment are the greatest sins in the pet lovers world. It is always painful to see dogs in situations where they can barely survive and such was caused by the disregard of their owners. This is a story about a Shih Tzu who, after being treated badly and lost all the trust and faith in the world has learned to believe, love and live again. Meet George, a dog who has proven that love and care can always bring back a dog’s charm, joy and happiness.

George was saved from the Warren Puppy mill rescue last March 2011 by Gayle, a volunteer of the Agape Animal Rescue in Tennessee. After seeing a troubled, frightened and shaking Shih Tzu which has been neglected for 6 months, Gayle decided to apply to become a foster parent of the rescued dogs. Faith eventually played a role and Gayle was given George to take care of as he waited for a family to adopt him. Gayle didn’t have a hard time with George. Though at first George was reluctant, very scared and would stiffen, Gayle showed him that taking a chance again at trusting a human will not cause him any harm. It started with the usual feeding which was Gayle’s first step in gaining George’s trust; and eventually, she was able to walk George in the park together with her pet Labrador, Simon. George learned how to socialize again and play with the other dogs within the neighborhood. This change has been most fulfilling for Gayle who was very proud of how George was able to get back on his feet and take a shot again at life.

Though George was doing really well, no family will adopt him as his health issues are not easy to deal with. Most of his teeth were removed due to calculus and tartar build up. He also had eye problems and the damage caused him partial blindness. He also has hypothyroidism which needs maintenance and further monitoring. This situation would always put George behind other dogs for adoption. Gayle, on the other hand, has seen hope in George. This dog is worth it and if nobody wants him, she will take care of him. She and her family eventually decided to apply to adopt George and fortunately, he was given to them.

George is now a happy and contented dog. He loves playing around with tennis balls and stuffed toys and taking a stroll with Simon, his new best buddy. He loves meeting other people and their pets as he gets to tour and drive around town with his new and loving family. He also found a new hobby by “doing the laundry” – stealing clothes from the laundry basket and putting them in a new pile. Truly, with the help of Gayle’s sincere concern, hardwork, affection and love, George had a chance to a life he deserve and the ability to trust and love again.