Tommy the Guilty Shih Tzu

Dogs are like humans. They are capable of emotions and human feelings. Though they may not express this through talking, they have their own ways of showing how they feel. Unlike humans, these creatures are not good in lying. Whatever they feel, it shows – through their facial expressions, tail movements and body language. This is what makes them best companions. Aside from their unwavering loyalty, they make us feel loved and important through their sincere little ways.

But how about if a dog is guilty of a crime? Will he be able to show this or is there such a thing as truth concealment in dogs to avoid getting reprimanded by their owners. Tommy will show us how.

One afternoon, when his owner comes home, he is greeted by Tommy’s not so pleasant surprise on the stairs. Tommy just pooped on the carpeted stairway. When the owner was about to call the Shih Tzu and scold him, Tommy reacts innocently. The owner will surely have a hard time to discipline this dog because of the cautious guilty look Tommy had when he was being asked about what happened. He even tried to look away from the camera but his eyes kept on gazing towards his owner as if checking his reaction. This is the problem with Shih Tzu pets. It seems very hard to discipline them especially when they use their cuteness magic on you. As if knocking on your heart and pleading “Please don’t get angry with me, Mommy!” it takes ten times the effort to continue on glaring mad to a Shih Tzu. Whether it is a puppy or an adult, these dogs and their undeniable charm are is sure to melt your heart. Instead of scolding, you end up hugging, kissing and filming their funny facial expressions just like what Tommy’s owner did.

However, we must remember that the most effective way to control bad habits of our pets is through focus and training. There is a fine line that defines a spoiled pet and a pet that has behavioral issues. If we keep on letting this unwanted behavior happen and even at times praising it, it will definitely be an issue for the rest of your pet’s life.