A Typical Shih Tzu Puppy Christmas

This Christmas, as we spend this special day with our furry loves, let us not forget the true meaning of this season. It is all about sharing and giving. Dogs may not understand the true sprit of Christmas; but if you think of it, our pets make us feel the meaning of Christmas everyday. They give and shower us with love and affection; but not asking for anything in return. Their loyalty is unquestionable and such always make you feel secured, loved and accepted. So I guess having a pooch around everyday is like having a dose of Christmas on a daily basis, right? This is the same as the little Shih Tzu pups in this video.

It is Christmas day, and these babies are enjoying the celebration. Their wagging tails and furry faces are all over the place as they play with their owner. Hanging around the Christmas tree like kids excited to open their gift, this litter is a real batch of cuteness. They are a combination of brown, gray, black and white colors and it is such a delight to see them jumping on each other. As they say, you will never get bored with a Shih Tzu – especially the puppies. They would always want to play and go after you wherever you are. They can be pretty much assertive and stubborn, and such may need some disciplinary action. If you let them just jump over you, they will think that they are more dominant than you and this will surely be a problem when they are bigger adults. Remember that training starts during the puppyhood where a dog is starting to discover his rank in the pack. Spoiling your Shih Tzu pup won’t do any good; and even though it is very tempting to give in to them, the best way to train a puppy is to be firm and consistent. For this Christmas, giving your Shih Tzu puppy a gift will not spoil him or her. A taste of his favorite treat would do. Your puppy will surely enjoy this and will return his gratitude all year long. Shih Tzu are sweet dogs and they make it a point you’ll get to feel it.