When a Parrot Attacks a Shih tzu

A lot can happen when you combine different animals in one place. Just like in the wild, they may end up forming a mutual bond or a quarrel that can cause harm to both of them. Having different genetic make ups and personalities, you can never expect what’s going to happen. So just in case you are planning to combine other animals with your shih tzu, you must have an idea of the behavioral characteristic of the animal. Nobody would want your pup to get hurt by a newly adopted member of the family. Here is a classic example of a shih tzu who wants to play with a member of the wildlife family. Meet Abba and Hiro, the dynamic duo that seem to be having a difficult time being friends with each other.

Our story is set on one afternoon on their owner’s bed. The humans, the dog and the bird are happily relaxing on the comfy mattress. The dog is named Abba and she belongs to the canine species commonly know as the Shih Tzu. The noisy bird, on the other hand, belongs to the Psittacidae family of birds we also call parrots. His name is Hiro and he loves jumping around the bed. He may look very sweet to his owners as he tries to smother them with kisses, but he seems to have a different attitude towards Abba. Although Abba clearly wants to play with her, Hiro is hesitant and chooses to ignore the fluffy charmer. Abba continues on jumping to get Hiro’s attention, but she also takes caution not to provoke the short tempered bird. All these are happening as both of their owners enjoy watching them both. Maybe she just can’t control her excitement of having a new potential buddy around. Will they end up best friends or will it take a little bit more time before they hit it off? Hit play and see how their courtship of a friendship ended. Don’t forget to make a guess first!