Shih Tzu Clicker Training

Clicker training is a method of teaching tricks or commands to a dog where the sound is used to make the dog predict a positive reinforcement such as the treat. The clicker is not a motivator but it functions like a spotlight that keeps the dog’s attention on the incoming reward. In this way, the trainer can hold the dog’s attention longer and also helps to teach discipline onto the dog. Compared to solely using voice commands, training with a clicker is faster and more efficient as this does not confuse the dog because of the chain of events the training uses – command, good behavior, clicker then treat. Remember that dogs are smart creatures but they need protocols and repetitive instructions before they can grasp the command. Once you have established the chronological actions in their minds, you’ll be surprised how quickly they can pick up what you want them to do.

This adorable Shih Tzu is one good example of how effective clicker training is. This dog will impress you as he does a lot of tricks fast and with no fail. He knows the words ‘left’ and ‘right’ and turns to the respective direction when being told so. The pooch can also walk backwards while facing his owner and you couldn’t help noticing his round and fluffy rear and his cute cuddly face. And just like any other dog, he can also catch a ball and play fetch. Another remarkable thing this Shih Tzu has been trained for is being able to jump on either sides of his owner and crawling underneath his owners legs. He even looks like he is enjoying all the attention and the movements he is making. The cutest part of the video was when he sat like a human – on his hindlegs and just stayed like that for a minute. When being told to say hi, he waves hi hands to the camera. Truly, this dog deserves all the treat in the world. He even said goodbye to the camera with a wave and his overly cute little face looking at us.